Orca Recovery Day Planting Event With Duwamish Alive! @ Fenster Nature Park

Join Mid Sound Fisheries, Green River Coalition, the City of Auburn, and your community members as we restore the shores of the Green-Duwamish River on Orca Recovery Day! Our local resident Orcas depend on healthy salmon populations for their diet. Removing invasive plants and planting native plants along river banks is one way we can help salmon populations thrive! Tree canopy along rivers provides shade to keep the water cool and tree roots keep soil in place to prevent erosion from clouding the water. At this event we will be planting native plants to ensure healthy salmon habitat into the future!

The event will begin with a brief discussion that includes information about the site, the partnering organizations, why this work is important, tool use, and safety. We will provide work gloves, all instructions, and all tools. Please plan to arrive on time for the start of the event and allow extra time to find parking.

Email erik@midsoundfisheries.org if you have any questions.


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