Rotational Grazing Workshop and Compact No-Till Drill Training


Pierce Conservation District

Email: Phone: 253-325-8367 Website:

Whether you have sheep, goats, cattle, poultry, or horses, they can be rotationally grazed through your pastures to provide more forage for them, reduce your feed expenses, and keep your pastures healthy and productive.

Visit a 10-acre farm that recently switched from having horses for 25 years and grazing them during the spring and summer in a new section of pasture every day, to stocker cattle that are moved approximately every 3 days. Learn about grazing schedule options, various electric fencing choices that permit flexibility in your grazing system, forage species and how to incorporate them into an existing field with a no-till drill, what weeds are tolerable and how to manage those that aren’t, and other things to consider when setting up or fine-tuning a successful rotational grazing system.

A boxed meal will be provided for workshop attendees.

Address emailed to participants upon registration.

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