King Conservation District regularly hosts workshops on land and livestock management practices. Discover ways you can have less mud, better pastures, manage manure, and care for streams and wetlands. To find out about an upcoming workshop, contact Education Program Manager


Jun 07
Where the Water Begins – Vashon
Camp Sealth - 14500 SW Camp Sealth Rd

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Topics Include:

Streams and Wetlands: Living with Livestock near Water

Take the plunge and protect your property, water quality, and fish and wildlife habitat. Attend this workshop to design a stream or wetland native plant restoration plan. Calculate the length and cost of a livestock exclusion fence to keep animals out of aquatic areas, select native plants suited to stream and wetland buffers, determine plant placement, and outline a maintenance plan.

Mud Management: Record Rainfall – Record Mud

It’s always the right time to prepare for wet weather. Attend this workshop to develop a mud management plan. Design a confinement area for livestock, select footing material, estimate barn roof gutter and downspout needs based on rain water runoff, and develop a confinement schedule.

Manure Management: Got Livestock? Got Manure!

Discover what’s possible based on your finances, time and ability. Attend this workshop to develop a manure composting and utilization plan. Estimate the volume of manure produced by livestock, design and construct livestock manure storage bunkers or compost bins, and develop a plan to spread composted manure on pastures.

Pasture Management: Becoming a Grass Farmer

Yes, you can grow grass without weeds and meet your livestock forage needs – even on small acreage. Attend this workshop to develop a pasture management plan. Determine the grazing capacity of your pastures and learn how to manage grazing for optimal pasture production. A representative from the King County Noxious Weeds Program will discuss weed identification and control.

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