Our local orcas are endangered, but it’s not too late! There is plenty we can do to save them. Orca Recovery Day occurs every fall and is your opportunity to join with your local Conservation District and other partner organizations and work to recover our critically endangered Orca whales. Orca Recovery Day is a region-wide effort with event happening across Puget Sound and beyond.

2021 Orca Recovery Day

Orca Recovery Day is October 16 this year. KCD is excited to get volunteers back in the field (with Covid safety protocols) and work to clear invasive weeds and plant native plants.

The Thomas Road Restoration Project protects critical fish habitat through restoration. KCD is assisting a private landowner with the establishment of a forested riparian buffer along a tributary to Covington Creek which will create shade, reduce erosion through the stabilization of stream banks, help protect water quality, and create general habitat and refuge for wildlife. Forested riparian buffers are comprised of a diverse stand of native trees and shrubs. For Orca Recovery Day, volunteers will be installing native trees and shrubs and removing blackberry.

KCD Event at Full Capacity

KCD has reached our maximum capacity for this event.

There are many partner events happening for Orca Recovery Day, including many events for Duwamish Alive also happening on October 16th – Check them out!

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