Orca Recovery Day 2023

2023 Orca Recovery Day – October 14

Our Southern Resident orcas are endangered, but it’s not too late! There is plenty we can do to save them. Southern Residents rely on their main food source, the endangered Chinook salmon, to survive. Due to habitat loss, climate change and increased pollution, it has become even more difficult for migrating salmon to make the journey home to create new fish. In order to save our orcas, we must start with our salmon.

There are many things you can do to help restore salmon populations and support our Southern Resident orca. Learn more and sign up for one of the 40+ events happening across Puget Sound at betterground.org.


Restoration planting at Ayeko Farm (KCD hosted event)

Come plant trees and shrubs on October 14! Restore Chinook salmon habitat on Newaukum Creek (near Enumclaw) to save our fish and feed our orcas.

Join KCD for our sixth annual Orca Recovery Day! During this volunteer event we’ll be restoring a section of Newaukum Creek by planting native trees and shrubs, which provides vital habitat for Chinook salmon, orcas’ favorite food! KCD is partnering with Ayeko Farm, whose mission is to provide a space for BIPOC communities to reconnect with the land through agriculture. We thank Ayeko Farm for their dedication to stewardship and for making this restoration possible. Come join us and support conservation happening in your community!

There are no upcoming Events at this time.

10 Actions You Can Take to Save Orcas (Acrobat PDF)

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