Native Bareroot Plant Sale

Each year, KCD’s annual plant sale and community fair offers a variety of native trees and shrubs for conservation purposes such as backyard landscaping, wildlife habitat, windbreaks, hedgerows, reforestation and stream enhancement.

Wildfire Planning

Our state’s record fires underscore the fact that wildfires are an increasing threat across the region. Most of King County is at moderate risk, but with more people living in areas where forests and development come together (commonly referred to as the “wildland urban interface”) there’s increased risk to life and property from wildfires.

Soil Testing Program

Soil nutrient testing can help guide the application of compost and fertilizer, allowing you to optimize plant uptake and minimize water pollution.

Manure Match

Through Manure Match, landowners who have more manure or compost than they can use on their own property can connect with other landowners seeking a source of nutrients and organic matter for their gardens, pastures and crops.

Landowner Incentive Program

KCD’s Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) provides cooperators and land managers with cost-share assistance to support implementation of conservation practices on private property.

Freshwater Shorelines

Learn how to beautify and care for your residential property along a stream, lake, or wetland and provide essential wildlife habitat.

Urban Shorelines & Riparian Habitat Improvement Services

KCD’s aquatic area protection and enhancement programs offer technical assistance and project implementation services to urban landowners with freshwater shoreline and riparian habitat on their property.

Rural Shorelines & Riparian Habitat Improvement Services

KCD offers aquatic area enhancement services to help livestock and agricultural landowners protect and improve the health of streams, rivers, wetlands, lakes and ponds.

Pollinator Resources

KCD has complied a variety of resources to help citizens enhance pollinator habitat throughout the area.

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