An area predominantly trees and/or shrubs located adjacent to and up-gradient from water course or water bodies.


Establish Trees and Shrubs in Riparian Forest Buffers to:

  • Create shade to lower or maintain water temperatures to improve habitat for aquatic
  • Create or improve riparian habitat and provide a source of detritus and large woody debris
  • Reduce excess amount of sediment, organic material, nutrients and pesticides in surface runoff and reduce excess nutrients and other chemicals in shallow groundwater flow
  • Reduce pesticide drift entering the water body
  • Improve forest health reducing the potential of damage from pests and moisture stress
  • Restore natural riparian plant communities
  • Improve wildlife habitat
  • Increase carbon storage in plant biomass and soils

All land managers in KCD’s service area are eligible to apply for cost-share funding, but the practice must be pre-approved and included in a Farm Conservation Plan or other technical assistance plan prepared by KCD resource conservation staff.

For all information regarding the program and previously awarded LIP cost-share contracts, contact

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