Need a speaker at your next garden club meeting, science class, Grange event or nursery promotion? The most important task of any farmer, gardener or earth steward is to aid and protect the delicate balance of nutrients and organisms that make up soil. KCD offers the following two Soil Talks that can be tailored to your specific audience:

Interpreting Your KCD Soil Test Results

KCD Staff will present a 45-minute slide deck and conduct a discussion on interpreting soil test results, including how to take and submit a soil sample, reading and interpreting the lab analysis, and determining what steps to take next to amend for optimal soil fertility. This talk can be coordinated with an actual soil test and results.

Soil Health 101

KCD Staff will present a 45-minute slide deck and conduct s discussion on the physical, biological and chemical indicators of soil health including the role of soil structure, soil organisms, plant essential nutrients and pH. Discussion will also include management factors that impact soil health and actions that can be taken to promote soil health in the target audience’s setting.

If interested, please contact for assistance.

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