KCD works with private forest landowners to replace culverts and other road-associated barriers that prevent trout, salmon, and other fish from reaching upstream habitat. KCD assists landowners to participate in the Washington Department of Natural ResourcesFamily Forest Fish Passage Program, which provides funding to replace stream barriers with new structures.

Fish Barrier Replacement

Since 2003, the Family Forest Fish Passage Program has assisted more than 200 landowners across the state to replace 244 barriers, opening more than 524 miles of stream habitat. As part of Washington’s salmon recovery efforts, all private forest owners are required to fix artificial, in-stream fish barriers by 2016.

Who is eligible?

Small forest landowners who harvest less than 2 million board feet of timber per year, with culverts or other structures on road crossings that block fish-bearing streams. The land must be capable of supporting a merchantable stand of timber and not be used for anything incompatible with growing timber.

To learn more about eligibility requirements and the application process for fish barrier replacement funding contact Matt Mega.

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