Soil extends only a few inches to approximately six feet below the Earth’s surface. This thin layer of material supports all plant life on the planet and ultimately all animals, including us. Soil type impacts the amount of fertilizer you need, how deep plant and tree roots will grow, whether an area will be predisposed to mud and the best layout for structures on your property. The fact sheets below provide guidance on soil types and surveys, soil conservation and protection, soil sampling and testing, soil fertility and liming.

Browse the NRCS Web Soil Survey for King County Soil Descriptions. This external link will take you to the Natural Resources Conservation Service website.

Or use the UC Davis Soil Web online interactive soil information map, which connects directly the the same information as the NRCS web soil survey information above.

Lowdown on Lime Fact Sheet (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Soil Nutrient Testing Program

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