The current King Conservation District (KCD) program of work and supporting rate structure will expire in December of 2024. KCD is working with program participants, partner organizations, and other stakeholders to update our program of work and secure a three-year agreement with King County to continue funding our critical conservation services.


Since 1949, King Conservation District (KCD) has provided education, technical assistance, and financial help to people stewarding the natural resources of King County. Private residents manage a significant portion of King County’s streams, lakes, forests, and agricultural lands and KCD has been a long-trusted partner in assisting them to improve water quality and soil health, increase tree canopy, reduce wildfire risk, and bolster local food systems.


We empower people to conserve and enhance soil, water, food systems, forest, and habitat-now and for future generations.


King County’s natural resources are interconnected. Assisting private residents to make improvements to their natural resources benefits us all. Reducing pollutants upstream improves water quality downstream. Increasing tree canopy in urban parks improves air quality across the region. Connecting local growers directly to customers improves economic viability and food access. Educating the public about natural resource conservation empowers them to take positive actions in their homes and in their communities.

Rate Renewal

Since 2013, KCD has been primarily funded through a rates and charges interlocal agreement with King County. Rate payers currently pay approximately $13 per parcel funding $8.7 million of services each year. KCD is seeking a 3-year rate renewal with King County that maintains existing programming while placing a renewed emphasis on the equity and climate resilience aspects of KCD’s work. The proposal calls for a modest inflationary adjustment of 2.6% each year. A successful renewal is essential for KCD to continue providing critical environmental conservation services in King County.


  • May – Community Listening Sessions
  • June – KCD Board Hearing on 2025 Rate Renewal Proposal
  • TBD – King County Council Hearing on 2025 Rate Renewal Proposal

Get Involved

KCD wants to hear from you about our 2025 Rate Renewal. We will be presenting and taking feedback at two listening sessions scheduled in May. See links below. If you can’t make it to a listening session, we’re also taking public comment through the online form below.

There are no upcoming Events at this time.

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