2023 Competitive Grant Program Returning in 2024

This year’s Competitive Grant Program is on pause until 2024. While the grant program, begun in 2015, has been refreshed over the years, a deeper, comprehensive evaluation is called for. Toward that end, KCD has engaged an independent third-party to look at the breadth and impact of these grants, the success of investments on Regional Food System Goals, and the opportunities that exist to improve the grant making process. The ultimate goal is a set of recommendations to meet broader stakeholder and food system needs.

This evaluation will also be supported by a District-wide strategic planning process that will help inform community outreach and engagement, and priority investment areas.

Both the third-party evaluation and strategic planning processes call for broad stakeholder outreach.

For more information, contact Mary Embleton and Jessica Saavedra, 425-282-1900.

For Approved and Existing Grants

To submit reporting documents, upload the files in the grant portal. Reporting forms are accessible in the Grant Portal.

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How to Submit Reporting and Invoices

Regional Food System Grant Reimbursement Request (spreadsheet)

Below are links to previously funded Regional Food System Grants by year

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