King Conservation District’s Regional Food System Grant Program was initiated to provide a catalyst for making local food production more ecologically and economically sustainable. The program funds projects that contribute to the economic viability of local farmers, encourage new farmers, expand acreage in food production, improve food access, and increase demand for King County farm products. Organizations seeking to make local food production more ecologically and economically sustainable, are encouraged to apply. Grant applications for this program must be submitted through KCD’s online grant portal.

Eligible applicants include individual farmers, producer networks, marketing cooperatives, farmers markets, businesses, schools, special districts, nonprofit organizations, tribes, and jurisdictions within KCD’s service area.

In order to apply for a grant you must have a username and password to log in to the online grant portal. If your organization has applied for a grant in KCD’s online grant portal in the past,  your username and password can be used to apply to this program as well. Your contact information is already in our system. If you have not applied for a grant before you will need to create a new account.

Applications are now closed.

For more information, contact Mary Embleton and Jessica Saavedra, 425-282-1900.

For Approved and Existing Grants

To submit reporting documents, upload the files in the grant portal. Reporting forms are accessible in the Grant Portal.

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How to Submit Reporting and Invoices

Regional Food System Grant Reimbursement Request (spreadsheet)

Below are links to previously Funded Regional Food System Grants by year

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