King Conservation District’s (KCD) Seattle Community Partnership Grant Program is an offshoot of the Member Jurisdiction grant program, but only for projects in the City of Seattle. KCD and the City have partnered together to request proposals from community organizations only. For projects in cities other than Seattle please see the Member Jurisdiction Grant Program.

Grant applications for this program must be submitted through KCD’s online grant portal. In order to apply for a grant you must have a user name and password to log in to the online grant portal. If your organization has received a grant from KCD in the past, contact us for your user name and password. Your contact information is already in our system. If you have not applied for a grant before you will need to create a new account.

See the Approved 2019 Seattle Community Partnership Grants

For more information, contact Jessica Saavedra, 425-282-1906.



For Approved and Existing Grants

Step 1. Review

Step 2. Download and fill out forms below to upload to grant system:

Step 3. Click below to submit grant forms

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