KCD Poultry Processing Equipment

King Conservation District provides low-cost rental of equipment for small-scale producers to safely process poultry for home consumption, or to slaughter poultry for direct marketing with a WSDA permit. At this time no other poultry processing equipment is available for rent in King County. This KCD project helps producers fill the demand for locally-grown chicken, turkey, and other poultry.

2020 Equipment Rental Procedures

Due to COVID-19 health concerns, KCD rental equipment programs have changed. Please reach out to Carrie King for further details at this time.

KCD poultry processing equipment is available for a rental fee of $40/weekend with a $40 refundable cleaning deposit.

After extensive research, KCD selected Featherman Poultry Processing Equipment because of its high quality, reasonable cost, and the company’s commitment to customer service.

For first-time renters, please watch the video on Featherman’s YouTube Channel. If you have further questions, reach out to Jay Mirro at 425-773-8097, Monday through Friday between 6:30am and 2:00pm for an orientation.

The Van Erem Family
A case study: The Van Erem Family

Our equipment rental package includes:

  • Featherman Gamebird Plucker
  • Scalder
  • Dunker and Shackles
  • Kill Cone Stand
  • Killing Cones
    • Large turkey (3)
    • Small turkey (2)
    • Broiler (7)
    • Gamebird (4)

You will need to provide:

  • Power source for the plucker and scalder
  • Food-safe buckets
  • Propane tank to connect to the scalder for heating the scalding water
  • Hose and water source
  • Knives
  • Chill tanks or food-safe coolers
  • Poultry storage bags (or freezer-safe zipper food storage bags)
  • Soap, scrubbing brushes and bleach for clean-up
  • Appropriate area to disperse waste water
  • Garbage or composting options for offal and feather waste

See the Featherman YouTube channel for excellent videos of the poultry processing equipment in operation.

Poultry Processing Equipment Scheduling Calendar

Please click here if the Poultry Processing Equipment Request Form doesn’t load.

WSDA Poultry Processing Information

No permits are required to process poultry for home consumption. Washington State Department of Agriculture created a special permit to allow on-farm processing of up to 1,000 birds for direct marketing. See the external links below for details on the permit and additional information for small-scale producers.

Special Poultry Permit to Slaughter, Prepare and Sell Whole Raw Poultry

Handbook for Special Poultry Permit to Slaughter, Prepare and Sell Whole Raw Poultry


Selling and Processing Poultry


*King Conservation District Service Area
The Poultry Processing Equipment is available for use by landowners in King Conservation District’s service area, which includes 34 cities and all of unincorporated King County. The incorporated cities of Enumclaw, Federal Way, Skykomish, Milton, and Pacific are outside the District’s boundaries, but landowners in those communities may rent the manure spreader on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee. Use the calendar and form below to reserve the spreader.

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