KCD assists Jurisdictions, landowners and residents with stewarding forests, street trees and open space to enhance wildlife habitat, reduce storm water runoff, and improve human health and well being.

Urban Forest Health Program

KCD’s Urban Forest Health Program provides direct services to King County cities to enhance, protect, and restore urban tree canopy through projects such as stewarding street trees, writing forested park management plans, and hosting tree giveaways. KCD works with cities to develop project scopes which KCD implements with in-house staff or contractors. Annually, $150,000 is available for project implementation for approximately three new city-chosen projects depending on total applications and project costs.  

Puget Sound Urban Tree Canopy and Stormwater Management Report – Revised March 2019

Puget Sound Urban Tree Canopy And Stormwater Management Handbook

Homeowner’s Guide to Backyard Forest Stewardship

Rural Forests

KCD established the Rural Forest Health Management Program to support stewardship practices for private landowners with less than five acres of woodlands.

Wildfire Planning

Our state’s record fires underscore the fact that wildfires are an increasing threat across the region. Most of King County is at moderate risk, but with more people living in areas where forests and development come together (commonly referred to as the “wildland urban interface”) there’s increased risk to life and property from wildfires.

Landowner Incentive Program

KCD empowers land managers to be better stewards of natural resources. KCD’s Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) provides landowners with cost-share assistance to support implementation of conservation practices on private property.

Pollinator Resources

KCD has compiled some resources to help land managers find out more about how to support pollinator conservation efforts.

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